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Bharat Jeevan Tarangini
History is a treasure trove of a nation’s culture and heritage. It is a powerful tool which inseparably links the past with the present and future. The concept of a nation is nothing but its way of living (jivana dharma). But the so called thinkers are strutting around with a polluted mind without attempting at a true reading of our ancient history.

History and nation are both intertwined and not separate entities, nurturing in its womb both the time - space and the extent of a country it represents. The heights of vision of our seers and thinkers are both fathomless and surpass all limitations.

We have to consolidate such feelings of national spirit rejecting the falsity, imbibe a true sense of belonging and hold aloft the flag of national pride. Only thus we can lay a strong cultural foundation.

Water is a sine-qua-non if one has to float and swim. It is foolishness to argue that one can do so in the absence of water. Everyone should have the right perception of our national heritage rooted in its past moorings. To get at the roots of such knowledge we have to dwell deep into the treasures of knowledge handed down to us by our seers and sages namely Vedas, Vedangas, Smriti, Puranas, History and Arts. Bharata Jivana Tarangini presented is an attempt in this direction based on modern research and scientific findings.
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