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Shri Umakant Keshav alias Baba Sahib Apteji

Sri Moropant Pingleji

Shri Umakant Keshav alias Baba Sahib Apte was a true symbol of Bharateeya Life.  He was well versed in the ancient texts, traditions and history of our country.  It was his conviction that so long as we do not understand and preserve our national identity, we shall remain deprived of the spirit of Nationalism and lack pride, an essential feature of a free nation, if we are not aware of glorious past. So it was his keen desire that a proper history of our country should be written in such a way that it would present a true picture of our national life and its glorious traditions. In short Baba Saheb Apte wanted the cultural history of Bharata to be rewritten to inspire the future generations.
He was of the firm belief the western way of viewing a society in terms of fragments like, political, economical, social and so on is of no earthly use and history should always be able to enthuse higher aspirations individually as well as socially, be he a citizen of that particular society or not, in short a cultural history of Bharata.

Cultural history is perhaps the most important variety of all history.  It records the noblest and the most sublime thought, emotion and behavior of a people in the quest of the Truth, the Good and the beautiful.  Its composition and periodical updating are among the most important tasks of the historian.  Cultural history should be directly addressed to the people, creating an abiding, awareness, and interest in the people, creating an abiding, awareness, and interest in the people at large in their cultural heritage that is, national self-awareness, is of prime importance in the task of national reconstruction.  This becomes possible only when the cultural history of a people is written with the native insight and viewpoint, embracing all the ramifications of cultural roots, flowers and fruits written with sympathy and intuitive perception, without sacrificing truth and perspective.

For this purpose the Bharateeya Itihasa Sankalana Samiti was founded by the revered Moropant Pingle in 1973, with a central objective of creating a historiography for India through native, Indian endeavor so as to counteract the numerous conscious and unconscious prejudices, misinterpretations, deprecations as well as under valuations which Western – especially the British-historians had imbibed into History of India.
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