Chart 1: -

  1. Swayambhuva: 0 to 308 Million Years

  2. Swarochisha: 308 to 617 Million Years

  3. Uttama: 617 to 925 Million Years

  4. Raivata: 925 to 1234 Million years

  5. Tamasa: 1234 to 1542 Million years

  6. Chakshasa: 1542 to 1851 Million years (Formation of Coal, fossil fuels… Continetal drifts…)
  7. Vaivasvata – 1851 to 2159 Million Years (Formation of Himalayas...)

So far 197,29,49,111 years have completed in Shweta Varaha Kalpa i.e., Age of the earth is 1972 Million. Years (ref. 2009 CE), Dashavataras. The emperor Bali pushed by Vamana to Nether world (South America). Establishment of colonies in the Nether World, Jalapraalaya (Water deluge) Vision of Vedas Thaitiriya Brahmana takes us upto 10,000 BC . When excavations were undertaken at Mehergadh, relics dating back to 7,000 BC were found, Solar and Lunar Dynasties (Surya Vamsha & Chandra Vamsha)

Chart 2: -

11000 BC - 5500 BC 
Ladies also took part in Vedic vision, Vedic all rituals and wars. Groups were identified on the basis of occupation. “Niyoga system also existed” ,King Rama,  Female were also taking part in wars and Vedic sanskars, Ramayan war.
8000 BC - 6000 BC
Vision of Vedas continued, Composition of Upanishads started.

 6000 BC - 5000 BC
Composition of Upanishat started, Sage Vyasa separated & complied all Vedic Mantras. Vedas available today is the Vedas compiled by Vyasa. Yadus, Yavanas (Greeks), Turushka(Turkish), Druhus(Parsee), Purus, Migration to West, Karuravas, Magadhas, Pandavas, Krishna, King Pareekshit, relations with South and North America.

 5500 - 1000 BC.
Mahabharata war, rule of Pandavas, Magadha dynasty started, Janamejaya’s Sarpasatra, Saraswati civilisation, Saraswati river drained, migration from there towards Ganga river valley and South, construction of dams to store water for agriculture.


Chart 3:-

150 years after Mahabharata war Hastinœpur was destroyed due to flood from river Yamuna. Bauddhayana, Apasthambha, Panini, Rule of Prodyotas, Gonandas of Kashmir, Shishunagas, Nandas, Mauryas, Shunga dynasties from Rajagriha as their capital and then from Pataliputra(Patna), Gautama Buddha,Kanishka, Chanakya, Chandragupta Maurya, Ahokavardhana Mauraya,

1000 - 500 B.C. Shatavahana, Mahaveera, Adi Shankara, Charaka, Sushruta, Takshashila & Nalanda Universities.

500 BC - 100 AD. Sangam Era, Alexander’s Regression, Chandramsha of Shatavahana, Samudragupta Ashokaditya, Shalivahana and Vikramaditya, Megastanese in the court of Samudragupta.

100 AD - 500 AD. Cheras, Pallavas, Kadambas, Varahaamihira, Fa-hi-yen visit to India, .

 500 -1000 A.D. Rule of Chalukyas of Badami, Cholas, Pandyas, Rastrakutas, Chalukyas of Kalyani, Pratiharas, Chauhans, Palas


Chart 4:-

1000 AD - 1500 AD.

Mohammed Gazni invaded Somanatha, Prithviraj defeated Mohammed Ghori, Establishment of Hoysala, Vijayanagar kingdoms, Start of Rule of Mysore Wodeyar, Invasion from West by Moghuls, Rule of Moghuls, Slave dynasty.

1500 - 2000AD
Invasion by Babar of Turkey, Continuation of rule by his grandson Akbar,  Decline of Vijayanagar empire, Maraatha’s rule, East India company came for trading and acquired India, Unlawful administration by British, 1857 1st war of Independence, Sacrifice of life by lakhs of patriots, Division of country(Birth of East & west Pakistan) on 14th Aug. 1947 midnight 12:00 Political independence from British.


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