Mission - SANKALPA
It was an era of subjugation for this mighty land Bharata and even though the whole nation felt in the heart of heart a sense of shame about its condition, knew not how to come out of this state of subjugation.

It was also the time when due to the persistent tinkering of the societal system of Bharata by the subjugators the very life blood of the Bharateeya culture was eroding. An alien system which aimed at creating a mass of people who were hypnotized in every way to be slaves started emerging.

It was also the time unlike the Moguls who openly plundered a subtle type of plundering by unfair trade practices fostered by manipulating and promulgating by laws unfair to Bharata but advantageous to them bore fruit in stark poverty, famine and unemployment for the masses of this land.

It was also the time when the majority of Bharata who relied and lived a comfortable life by following their hereditary trades honed into perfection over generations was bereft of their living overnight and every community was made to be dependent on the alien government of their day to day living.

It was also the time Intellectuals who by generations were fearless and righteous, fell prey to the lucre and lost their mighty position and respect as keepers of the nation’s conscience. Without a sane head and without a fearless mind, which could defend once own culture, tradition, culture, and territory, the nation became a slave in thought, word and deed.

It was also the time when the society could not support higher classes for they themselves in dire straits forcing all to fight for the alms that the alien government want to disperse as favor leading to bickering, hatred and animosity between the once amiable family of classes and casts.

Even though all this was not apparent in the beginning as generations passed the subtle changes became prominent and it was obvious to one and all by the end of 19th century, the decadence and misery that had crept into the once bountiful country which was the center of attraction for many centuries for its wealth, physical, cultural and intellectual.

What a fall for a nation towards which once the whole world looked forward as a friend guide and philosopher, as a land of golden opportunities, as a land by visiting which one gained prominence in his own community. To this woe was added the destruction by the two world wars and the subjugated nation bore most of the economic brunt, which it could least afford.

It was also the time when the culture which had stood the test time for centuries could not withstand the invidious attempt by the British and started crumbling due to poverty, unemployment and increase in population. It started in the society where the credo ‘one for all’, ‘all for one’ which was followed for many a centuries gave way to ‘Each for himself’ leading to the creation of individualistic, selfish, divisive forces fostering hatred and intolerance between casts, classes and communities of the country.

It was also the time the nation saw the emergence of stalwarts who felt the need to revive patriotism and heroism in the people of this country so that they can raise as one man and throw off this foreign yoke and reestablish the glory that was Bharata. One such heroic son of the soil was Sri Umakant Keshav.

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